Current Program

Affordable Housing

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Straw-Bale Demonstration House
A net-zero energy affordable home co-constructed by residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and The Building Cooperative (formerly the Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative)


For many people living in poverty, mortgages and credit are difficult to access, affordable housing is scarce, and home ownership is rare.

Through The Building Cooperative, families can build their own homes and purchase them with sweat equity and low interest loans. Our internship and workforce development training programs offset the overall construction cost, resulting in a 50% cost savings per family.

We believe it is just as important to incorporate cultural traditions into home design. That's why our design team includes community members and why we conduct a thorough needs assessment before starting any project.

In an upcoming project in the Southwest, we'll be combining modern compressed earth block manufacturing technologies with traditional earth material (adobe) construction methods. Thus, the integrity of the community’s cultural identity and architectural heritage is preserved while addressing a critical community need for healthy, safe and affordable housing.