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Together, we can create more livable communities while empowering the next generation of community designers and builders. We believe in building not just good buildings but hope and a better quality of life. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.


2018 NASHI Demonstration House


There is an invisible homelessness in Native America. More than 200,000 homes are needed today to address overcrowding, 90,000 Native families are homeless or under-housed, and many of the existing homes are in desperate need of repair.

We believe everyone deserves access to the benefits of a healthy and affordable home. NASHI, short for The Native American Sustainable Housing Initiative, has two goals: to provide housing for the under-served Native American community, and to provide on-site learning opportunities for students and interns.

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The Field House Outdoor Classroom: Jemez Pueblo, NM

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The Field House Outdoor Classroom is a new community-led design-build educational project implemented in collaboration with the Riverside Charter School and Walatowa High Charter School Students. It will serve as a shade structure, washing station and outdoor classroom in support of an ongoing sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty initiative at the Riverside Charter School.

Traditional Fieldhouse

Fieldhouses are one and two room houses that were built of stone and used by the Jemez people during spring and summer months as base-camps for hunting, gathering and agricultural activities. There are many traditional fieldhouse sites which were often located around communal fields, near springs, or close to resource gathering and hunting areas. Hundreds of fieldhouses are located within a one-hour walk from at least one of the giant pueblos.


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Intro to Architecture Workshop


This 3 day intensive workshop will familiarize students with architecture and design thinking. Students receive instruction in a variety of representational tools and media: freehand drawing and basic model-making techniques. Students who attend the workshop and successfully complete all of the assignments receive an official Certificate of Completion from The Building Cooperative. The Introduction to Architecture & Design Workshop is intended to empower youth to engage in the design of the built environment. Students are introduced to the design process by developing local, relevant and personally meaningful, design projects. Students are encouraged to explore aspects of architecture and design which align with their individual interests. Students gain knowledge about design research, communicating design ideas through drawing, testing designs through physical models, working collaboratively, and sharing their design ideas with others.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover, collect and communicate information about local places
  • Identify place-based needs and opportunities
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of scale
  • Test ideas through drawing and model making
  • Evaluate their ideas through community feedback
  • Work collaboratively
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Internship Program


The Building Cooperative provides creative individuals with an interest in architecture, community planning and sustainable construction  internship opportunities. Offered year round, internships at The Building Cooperative provide a platform for high school, undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical, hands-on experience working on our community development, affordable housing, education, and research programs. Our hope is to match each intern with duties that match their interest and learning goals.

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